About Us

We are interested in understanding how integrins contribute to cancer cell migration, invasion, tumor-stroma crosstalk, and other processes that promote cancer progression. Current projects in the lab focus on finding novel regulators of integrin activity, understanding the endo/exosomal traffic of integrins, and how cancer cells sense their microenvironment, where biophysical cues from the stroma determine cancer cell fate.

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April 2018

A successful spring cleaning day in the lab! Thanks, everyone for your contributions, and thanks Johanna for the pizza!

Celebrations and goodbyes combined! Congrats Jaroslav for the prestigious Max Planck Otto Hahn Medal for your Ph.D. work in the Norden lab! Goodbye to Nuria and Niklas. We hope to see you again soon.

March 2018
Ivaska lab goes skiing and sledding in Impivaara. Skiing tracks in the city? Only in Finland!

Kerstin joins us for an internship after completing her bachelor’s degree in Hochschule Bremen (Bremen School of Applied Sciences, Germany).

Hussein joins us as a postdoc from the University of Limoges, France! welcome!

We now have a lab logo (see top)! About time! Thanks to everyone in the lab for the great suggestions and a big thanks goes to Nuria and Marco for the final design!