Maria Taskinen - PhD Student

Project title: MASTL and cell adhesion
Research interests: Cancer, cell adhesion, actin cytoskeleton, cell cycle
Key to a happy day: Nice co-workers and a cup of coffee
Education: MSc in Biochemistry (University of Turku, Finland)

Hellyeh Hamidi - Postdoctoral Researcher
Research interests: Integrin activity, cell adhesion, Rho GTPases, cancer, cell Migration
Best conference: EMBO "Cellular Signalling & Molecular Medicine", Croatia
Key to a happy day: A sweet treat. A good old-fashioned cup of tea. Great colleagues & great research.
Previous Role: Postdoc (University of Manchester, UK)

Mitro Miihkinen - PhD Student

Project title: A molecular model to filopodia assembly and disassembly
Research interests: Filopodia, cancer signalling, protein-protein/lipid interactions, cell membrane
Key to a happy day: A nice breakfast, a nice lunch doesn't hurt either. Or dinner. Oh yes, especially a dinner.
Education: MSc student, University of Turku, Biochemistry

Petra Laasola - Biomedical Laboratory Technician

Current Role: Day-to-day laboratory organisation and assisting in several research projects
Research skills: Molecular biology, immunoprecipitation, PLA, IHC & IF and FACS analysis
Key to a happy day: Happy people and humour makes a good day.

Maria Georgiadou - Postdoctoral Researcher

Project title: Metabolic regulation of integrin activity in tumour invasion and metastasis
Research interests:
Integrin activity, cell metabolism, AMPK, cancer, migration
Best conference:
Keystone meeting (angiogenesis field)
Key to a happy day: Smiling lots and good results
PhD student (Prof. Peter Carmeliet, KULeuven, Belgium)

Ilkka Paatero - Postdoctoral Researcher

Project title: In vivo imaging of cell migration
Research interests: Confocal imaging, live in vivo imaging, zebrafish, angiogenesis, signalling, migration
Key to a happy day: Plenty of coffee

Favourite Tool in the lab: Confocal microscope
Previous Role: post-doctoral fellow, Markus Affolter lab, Biozentrum (University of Basel, Switzerland)

Johanna Lilja - PhD Student

Project title: Role of Shank family proteins in integrin activation
Research interests: Shank, integrin activation, sharpin, cell metabolism, tumour cell metastasis
Best conference: Gordon Research Conference
Key to a happy day: Sense of humour and chocolates
Previous Role: MSc Student (Prof. Johanna Ivaska, University of Turku)

Emilia Peuhu - Postdoctoral Researcher

Project title: Integrin regulation by SHARPIN in tissue morphogenesis and cancer
Research interests: Integrin, invasion, tumour microenvironment, ductal morphogenesis
Key to a happy day: Silly humour
Previous Role: Project researcher (Åbo Akademi university)

Aki Stubb - PhD Student

Project title: Stem Cell adhesome
Research interests: Stem cell biology, regulation of pluripotency, adhesion qualities of hPSCs
Key to a happy day: Funny jokes and nice atmosphere in the lab
Previous Role: MSc student (Prof. Riitta Lahesmaa, CBT, Turku)

Martina Lerche - PhD Student

Project title: Integrin regulation and trafficking in mechanosensing
Research interests: ECM, integrin, mechanotransduction, integrin trafficking
Key to a happy day: Great co-workers and good results
Education: MSc (Åbo Akademi University, Bioscience)

Pranshu Sahgal - PhD Student

Project title: Mechanistic insights into integrin trafficking, activity and stability in cancer
Research interests: Integrin trafficking, integrin-GFR crosstalk, multidimensional imaging, drug discovery
Best conference: EMBO workshop. Signalling to and from endomembranes, Hegne, Germany
Key to a happy day: a cup of coffee

Paulina Moreno Layseca - Postdoctoral Researcher

Project title: LIMA1 in Rab21-mediated integrin trafficking
Research interests: Rab21, integrins, endosomes, LIMA1, cancer

Best conference: GRC Fibronectin, Integrins and Related Molecules 2013, Ventura, California, USA
Key to a happy day: A dynamic work day, lively colleagues, music and a sweet afternoon snack!
Previous role: Postdoc (UKE Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany)

Guillaume Jacquemet - Postdoctoral Researcher

Project title: Targeting filopodia to block cancer cell invasion
Research interests: Cell invasion, actin cytoskeleton, myosin-X, integrins
Best conference: ACTIN-BASED MOTILITY From Molecules to Model Organisms, Stresa, Italy
Key to a happy day: Something interesting or exciting to do!
Previous Role: Postdoc (Prof. Martin Humphries Lab, University of Manchester, UK)

Mika Pietilä - Academy of Finland Postdoc

Project title: The role of SORL1 in breast cancer
Research interests: Cancer stem cells, breast cancer, tissue specific stem cells, cancer signalling, cell cycle
Key to a happy day: nice people around and good results once in a while
Previous Role: Postdoc (UT MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX, US)

Aleksi Isomursu - PhD Student

Project title: Mechanotransduction mechanisms in cancer
Research interests: Cancer, actin cytoskeleton, cell migration, ECM, mechanotransduction
Best conference: Frontiers in Translational Cancer Research, Helsinki, Finland
Key to a happy day: Nice co-workers, a cup of coffee and an interesting project to tackle
Education: MSc in Cell and Molecular Biology
(University of Jyväskylä, Finland)

Elisa Närvä - Academy of Finland Postdoc

Project title: Novel regulators of integrin activity and cell attachment
Research interests: Cell cycle, integrin activity, stem cell biology
Key to a happy day: Great workmates
Previous Role: Turku Centre for Biotechnology, Stem Cells (Prof. Riitta Lahesmaa, Turku University, Finland)

Camilo Guzmán - Postdoctoral Researcher

Current role: Assisting with different biophysical methods, data analysis, microscopy
Research interests: Mechanosensing and mechanotransduction, cancer, fluorescence dynamics microscopy
Best conference: International Conference on Nanosicence & Technology. Basel, Switzerland
Key to a happy day: Good music, nice people and sports
Previous Role: Postdoc (Åbo Akademi University, Turku, Finland)

Jenni Siivonen - Biomedical Laboratory Technician

Current role: Day-to-day laboratory organisation and assisting in several research projects
Research skills: Cell culture, DNA & RNA purification, Western blotting, IF, recombinant protein production, qRT-PCR
Key to a happy day: Great co-workers & working environment!


Cell Adhesion and Cancer

Turku Centre for Biotechnology

University of Turku

Markku Saari - Microscopy Technician

Current Role: Assisting in microscopy-based projects
Key to a happy day: Wonderful workmates with shining smiles! and a big cup of coffee.
Education: MSc in Biology (Animal Physiology) (Department of Biology, University of Turku, Finland)