Lab news

January 2020

- We're hiring! Two postdoc positions open, check out the University or Turku's open vacancies and click on post ID 8484. Deadline is 4th Feb.

- Gautier joins us for a postdoc in an unseasonably warm January! Welcome to Turku!

November 2019

- After a lively discussion with his opponent Chris Bakal, Aki was awarded his PhD with Honours! We are so proud of you Aki and wish you all the best in your postdoc in Cambridge!

- The Ivaska does Halloween in (stripe) style!

Feb - May 2019 - A busy few months....  snippets below

- The boss organised a successful GRC conference "Fibronectin, Integrins and Related Molecules" in the beautiful backdrop of Lucca, Italy.

- Lots of funding for members of the lab:

Emmi: Academy of Finland Researcher grant! Looking forward to seeing the Peuhu lab develop!

Paulina: Academy of Finland Postdoctoral fellowship!

Guillaume: starting grant from the Juselius foundation! The Jacquemet lab will soon follow!

James:  Marie Curie fellowship!

Jaroslav: Started his EMBO LTF!

and many more (Hussein, Martina, Johanna, Elisa, Ilkka)

- Two manuscripts and two reviews done - (see publications)

- We hosted many amazing speakers! Gertraud Orend (INSERM, Strasbourg, FR), Vicky Sanz-Moreno (Queen Mary Univ. of London, UK), Michael Samuel (Univ. South Australia) and Gautier Follain (Jacky Goetz lab, INSERM, Strasbourg, FR)

- We had a science day with the Wickström lab! Thank you guys for the great talks and wonderful company!

- After all of this, we had a well-deserved lab lunch and a relaxing yoga session in sunny Turku

Welcome to our lab website

We are interested in understanding how integrins contribute to almost every step of cancer progression. Current projects focus on finding novel regulators of integrin activity, and endo/exosomal traffic, and on appreciating the mechanisms controlling tumour-stroma cross-talk, including how cancer cells sense key biophysical cues. In addition, we are now using our expertise in these areas, combined with technological advances, to explore the role of integrin-mediated adhesions in maintaining stem cell pluripotency, a concept that is currently underappreciated. This is an exciting new area of research for our lab and one which we hope will lead to exciting discoveries.

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