March 2018
- Ivaska lab go skiing and sledging in Impivaara. Skiing tracks in the city? Only in FInland!

- Kerstin joins us for an internship after completing her bachelors degree in Hochschule Bremen (Bremen School of Applied Sciences, Germany).
- Hussein joins us as postdoc from University of Limoges, France! welcome!
- We now have a lab logo (see top)! About time! A big thanks goes to Nuria and Marco for the final design!

April 2018
- A successful spring cleaning day in the lab! Thanks everyone for your contributions and thanks Johanna for the pizza!

- Celebrations and goodbyes combined! Congrats Jaroslav for the prestigious Max Planck Otto Hahn Medal for your PhD work in the Norden lab! Goodbye to Nuria and Niklas. We hope to see you again soon.

In the news and on Twitter

January 2019 - HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!

Great start:

- Two publications done and celebrated with cake and bubbly. One, the "filopodome" was published in Current Biology and the other was an integrin trafficking review for the 20th anniversary of Nature Cell Biology. See publications.

- Max joins us for his ERASMUS project.  Welcome!

November 2018

Main event - Pranshu goes from student to Dr! Congrats on getting your PhD and thanks for the party! Also a big thanks to Guido Serini (Pranshu's PhD examiner).

September 2018

Double award! After the first in August, the work by Lilja et al., wins the Medix prize for the best international publication in Finland in 2017!

Ivaska lab science day at Turku Botanical Gardens! Paulina acquires a cactus leaf, from the tour guide, for cooking purposes.... obviously!

July - August 2018, a recap of the summer -  A very successful annual BioCity symposium "Seeing the Invisible" on 23rd-24th! Amazing speakers, sailing and evening entertainment! Another plus, we won the Elias Tillandz prize for best publication in Turku in 2017 (Lilja et al., NCB)!

- James Conway, previously from the Paul Timpson lab, Garvan Institute of Medical Research, Australia, joins the lab!

- Sad to say goodbye to Maria G after 4 wonderful years in the group. We will miss you! Good luck in your next endeavours!

- Our Nat Cancer Rev on integrins in cancer is published!

- ProLIF, a technique to reconstitute integrins in liposomes, finally out in J Cell Sci.

- At last, a complied list of support messages from our charity run!

May 2018

- Update on fundraising status for our charity run: total sum has reached 3100 €! People just keep giving! Thank you! 

- Collaborative paper with Saharinen group has been accepted!

Welcome to our lab website

We are interested in understanding how integrins contribute to almost every step of cancer progression. Current projects focus on finding novel regulators of integrin activity, and endo/exosomal traffic, and on appreciating the mechanisms controlling tumour-stroma cross-talk, including how cancer cells sense key biophysical cues and how filopodia contribute to these processes. In addition, we are now using our expertise in these areas, combined with technological advances, to explore the role of integrin-mediated adhesions in maintaining stem cell pluripotency, a concept that is currently underappreciated. This is an exciting new area of research for our lab and one which we hope will lead to exciting discoveries.

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